"I have never been more satisfied. Mathew has a unique gift of artistry, style, and precision. He listened to my wishes and gave me honest feedback. I'm impressed with his empathy and his good humor." - Shirley Colagrossi

"I have been a client of Mathew’s for two years and I would follow him anywhere! Mathew is a Master Stylist who has the unique combination of technical expertise, customer service/attention and compassion. He gives a thorough consultation and takes a detailed interest in my hard to manage, wavy hair - every visit. Mathew is punctual, yet never rushed. His time with you is yours, beginning with a relaxing scalp massage to help you kick back. For the precise work he does and the time he devotes, his pricing is very fair." ~Jenny Huq

While searching for a new stylist when we moved to Portland I discovered Mathew by asking a client of his "Who does your hair because your cut and color is perfect." Now, I have people asking me "Who does my hair?" Mathew is the BEST -  talented, attentive, and caring.